Stirk Construction is pleased to provide a comprehensive array of custom-building services, including site selection, feasibility, zoning, and architectural design.

Our versatile architecture design process provides building solutions that are ideal for any development project.

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Expert Planning
Building Perfection

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Planning and design: This includes creating architectural plans, obtaining necessary permits and approvals, and determining the scope of the project.

Site preparation: This includes clearing and leveling the building site, installing utilities and services, and laying the foundation.

Framing: This includes building the structural framework of the building, including the walls, floors, and roof.

Mechanical and electrical systems: This includes installing heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Finishing: This includes installing windows, doors, and exterior finishes, as well as interior finishes such as drywall, paint, and flooring.

Inspection and occupancy: This includes obtaining final inspections and approvals from building code officials and obtaining a certificate of occupancy.

Building codes and regulations vary depending on the location of the building and the type of construction. We make it our commitment to follow these regulations to ensure every one of our building projects is safe and functional.

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Custom Home, Residential Communities and Hospitality

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Stirk Construction’s design team of architects and interior designers are experienced at identifying client needs and translating that into a responsive guide to building your own home or development site. Stirk Construction designs solutions for houses, townhomes, multi-family, residential community developments and hotels.

Commercial & Retail

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With appearance and working efficiency being central to successful commercial or retail buildings, the complete flexibility offered by Stirk Construction building systems for exterior appearance, together with convenient and inviting interior layouts, maximizes usable space and provides a winning combination and solution for commercial and retail needs.

Government & Institutional

Create facilities flexible enough for multiple applications and a variety of uses under one roof. Stirk Construction offer complete freedom of design, minimum maintenance, and cost-efficient future expansion.

We can help government, education & non-profit agencies with facility project needs.

Office Buildings

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Designed to provide efficient workspace while creating a favorable exterior impression, key goals in office building construction. Through ease of erection, on-site time and labor costs are minimized, yielding faster occupancy.

Athletic & Recreational

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Custom-designed clear span systems of Stirk Construction meet all open playing and spectator space needs, along with locker, child-care, lounge, foodservice, and other related facility requirements. Our versatile architecture design process provides building solutions that are ideal for arenas, indoor football and soccer facilities, ice hockey, tennis, swimming and diving venues, track, and field and many more uses.

Warehouse & Distribution

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Clear span spaces, long bays, mezzanines, high eave heights; Stirk Construction can meet any functional requirement such as rack storage or conveyors while allowing for maximum usable storage capacity and operating efficiency, all with a high-tech, aesthetic exterior look.

Aviation & Transportation

Stirk Construction provides full layout flexibility and clear span capabilities to meet all the functional requirements, such as adequate fleet space and program needs of modern aviation facilities, while allowing for maximization of interior space usage at lower total life cycle costs than other building types.

Agricultural Buildings

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For most agricultural bulk storage needs, such as storing grain, soybeans, peanuts, cottonseed, or corn, Stirk can provide lighter loadbearing structures, as well as a variety of storage shed options.



No one does it better than Stirk Construction team. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship they offer is second-to-none . Your entire team from start to finish made it painless, and this is the reason Stirk Construction is our go to contractor for our projects. Thank you for your work!

Jose R.


We worked with Stirk Construction on multiple projects. Every project worked on, the crews were very professional, and they had experience to get the job done right and ahead of schedule. They work great as a “team player” to get the project completed.

Steven S.


We were under a real deadline to finish our project, and the weather got us behind the eight ball. Not only did Stirk Construction perform as they said they would, but they also actually beat their schedule by about 2 weeks. No problems, quality workmanship, and NO CHANGE ORDERS!

Jennifer C.

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