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C-Level Executives

CEO—Chief Executive Officer
Oversees all business operations. Is also the highest-ranking employee of the company and all other C-level executives report to them. They’re also responsible for the company’s success and reputation as they are the public face.

Enrique Reyes

(303) 505-1180

COO—Chief Operating Officer
Is the second highest-ranking executive in the company. Responsible for executing all business plans and strategies. They oversee day-to-day operations as well as executing the company's long-term goals.

Evaristo Ybarra

(720) 394-8289

CFO—Chief Financial Officer
Is responsible for managing the financial activities of a company. They oversee financial operations, including accounting, budgeting, cash flow, financial planning and analysis. The CFO also plays a key role in strategic planning, mergers, acquisitions, and investor relations.

Enrique Aguirre

(720) 327-7927

CMO—Chief Marketing Officer/

A treasurer is a person responsible for managing the financial affairs of an organization, The treasurer is generally responsible for the receipt and disbursement of funds, investments, budgeting, financial reporting, and other accounting duties related to the organization’s finances.

Alejandra Juarez

(303) 960-4278


Leonel Martinez Castro



Construction Project Manager

Leonel Martinez Castro

(303) 809-4368

Construction Superintendent

Alan Loya

(303) 502-8139

General Foreman

Alan Loya

(303) 502-8139

Trade Foremen

Enrique Reyes
Evaristo Ibarra